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Acceptable Use Policy

Computer On-Line Access Acceptable Use Agreement


Mendota Unified School District provides computer on-line access, including Internet access, for students for purposes of information retrieval or exchange and communication (e-mail). Access is granted only for those engaged in valid school projects under the direction and supervision by district personnel. Computer on-line access through Mendota Unified School District, including access to the Internet and e-mail, is a privilege dependent upon responsible on-line behavior on the part of the student, and requires written consent by the parent/guardian of the student. Any violation by the student of any provision of this Acceptable Use Agreement may result in the immediate revocation of the computer on-line access privileges for a period of time to be specified by the school principal/designee, including permanent revocation.

While using computer on-line access through Mendota Unified School District:
  • I will use computer on-line access only for legitimate school related purposes.
  • I will not transmit or download any material in violation of any U.S. or state regulation, including but not limited to
    copyrighted material, threatening or obscene material, or material protected by trade secret laws.
  • I will not access information sources, including Internet sources, except those related to the legitimate school purposes for
    which I am using on-line access, including sources that may contain obscene or other inappropriate material; if I accidentally
    access an inappropriate source, I will immediately notify my computer access supervisor.
  • I will be polite and not be abusive in my communications with others.
  • I will use appropriate language; I will not swear, use vulgarities, or any other inappropriate language; I will not use all capital
    letters in my communications, since that indicates shouting and is considered impolite.
  • I will not violate any security or privacy safeguards in my use of on-line access.
  • I will not commit any acts of vandalism or willful damage to either hardware or software; I will not make any attempt to
    harm or destroy data of another user, of the Internet, or of any agencies networks or other data sources connected to the
    Internet. This includes, but is not limited to, the creation or transmission of computer viruses.
  • I will not reveal my personal address or telephone number via computer or the address or telephone number of anyone else
    while exercising my access privilege.
  • I will not use my access privilege for the promotion of any commercial or political enterprise.
  • I will not make any unauthorized expenditures or obligate Mendota Unified School District to any unauthorized expenses
    through the use on on-line access.
  • I will not access the Internet or other on-line services through Mendota Unified School District except under the direction
    and supervision of school personnel.

Consequences of Abuse of Responsibilities and Privileges

Any user of the network, who violates the prohibitions listed in this policy, will have his/her user privileges revoked and may be subject to other disciplinary procedures according to existing and applicable school district policies. Consequences of violations may include:•  
  • Report  of  illegal  violation  of  local,  state  or  federal  laws  to  appropriate legal authorities

  • Legal  action  and  prosecution  by  the  authorities

Please read and sign our Acceptable Use Agreement PDF.