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Mission & Vision Statements

Mendota Unified School District

115 McCabe Avenue • Mendota, Ca 93640 • (559) 655-4942 • (559) 655-4944
Alma Durazo • Lupe Flores • Isabel Maldonado • Salvador Ochoa
Sergio Valdez • Raul S. Varela • Jose C. Zavala

Paul Lopez, Superintendent



MUSD Motto


"Building Scholars, Leaders, and Champions"


MUSD Goals

  1. Increase Student Achievement
  2. Provide Safe Schools with Many Opportunities for Involvement
  3. Develop and Grow a Professional Learning Culture


Vision of Mendota Unified


We are committed to preparing and empowering our students to be competitive, productive, and compassionate members of society.



Mission of Mendota Unified


Our mission is to provide the Mendota community the following to ensure we achieve the Mendota Vision:


  • Pre-K to Adult school curriculum alignment to state standards
  • Daily attention to practices and strategies to serve our English Language Learners
  • Career and vocational opportunities
  • Safe learning environments
  • Character education
  • Academic and extra-curricular excellence
  • On-going technology integration throughout the curriculum.