Applicants for Classified Positions


Candidates for Classified Positions

The following items are the minimum requirements that must be included in a candidate's application packet by the posted due date:
  1. Letter of Interest.  The letter needs to identify the position the candidate is applying for
  2. A District Application Form (Located on this website or in person at the District Office)
  3. Proof of a High School Diploma or Equivalent
  4. 3 Current Letters of Recommendation (Dated within the last 18 months)
  5. A Resume or Summary of Experience - (Not Required for District Employees, including current substitutes)
  6. Transcripts and/or para professional exam certificate if the position is instructional in nature (i.e. Instructional Aide)
  7. Other specific positions may require specialized training, certifications, permits or other documentation.  Under these circumstances, the necessary documentation will be addressed in the job announcement, and will be required to be submitted at the time of the application deadline with the candidate's application packet.